Plant the seeds of your brand.
Grow your garden. Flourish in business.

Delight your customers, cultivate relationships, + tell your brand story.

You’ve plowed the soil of your brand by establishing your values + defining your growth strategy.
You even planted the seeds (hello, gorgeous logo!) and continue to water, nourish, + care for your brand.

Right now, your garden is full of bustling birds (your clients) who love the fruits of your labor.
All the other gardeners know you’re onto a good thing and wish their brand was as cultivated as yours.

But before you could stop them, weeds (the elements of your brand that don’t work!) made their way into your garden.
No matter how hard you try to pull them from your carefully cultivated soil, they’re still popping up where you don’t want them.

When those weeds crop up, it’s time to review your brand message, voice, or look.
Are you ready to replant the seeds of your business or grow a new portion of your garden?

Just as every plant is different, so is every garden.
I’m here to help you stand out and be greater than the garden variety!

Enter the Branding Cottage and See What We Can Create To Support Your Brand…



The Flower Garden

The illustrations you need to make your brand stand out in a crowded garden.

STYLES OF ILLUSTRATION: line-drawn, watercolor, + digital painting



Garden Shed

All the resources you need to cultivate a strategic brand.


Start My Project!


The Process

1. Get in Touch

Love my style? Let’s connect!

2. Complete the Questionnaire.

To give you an accurate price quote, I’ll send you
a questionnaire to learn more about what you do,
who you serve, and what support you need.

3. Booking + Confirmation

After you secure your booking with a 50% deposit,
you’ll receive your start date and project timeline.

4. The Fun Begins

After I draw your illustrations, they will be scanned into digital format.
I’ll curate a selection of the best sketches for your illustrations by converting
the raw forms into vectors. Finally, I’ll colour and present the illustrations to
you so you can start using them across your branding!


Why Choose Me

My childhood was filled with my mum growing flowers & vegetables in the garden. We had more unusual wildlife such as monkeys, baboons & then deer, hedgehogs, porcupine & tortoise that sparked my imagination and brought the world into view. To this day, I will happily stare out a car window and take in the structure, shape, and form of the trees passing by just because I love natural things.

It’s my connection to nature that helps me illustrate the elements of a beautiful brand. My style is full of whimsical details and playful colour palettes inspired by woodlands + wildlife. I specialize in line drawings that maintain that handcrafted, custom feel but I also offer graphic painting. I hope my work inspires bursts of creativity and offers you the gardening tools to dig in to your brand story with purpose and meaning.

How Clients Use Their Illustrations

Every plant has its place in the garden just like one illustration can make all the
difference in your brand. Are you ready for brand recognition across your channels?
Here are the many ways you can repurpose an illustration across your branding collateral:

Social Media

social media highlights, posts, stories, + advertising


icons, favicons, landing + sales pages, online courses,
website advertising

Product Packaging

showcase ingredients, visually display information,
share your unique product concept


thank you cards, email campaigns, window decals,
blog headers, flyers, Pinterest images,
lead magnets, postcards, business cards


Leave the stock images
in the weed bin.

Let’s build a brand with dimension so you can have beautiful brand
elements you can repurpose across all your channels.

Start My Project!